Zapallar, V Región


Our Yacht

We have a 52.5-foot Dufort yacht with state-of-the-art technology. Anchored in the bay of Zapallar, it's a perfect setting to set sail and enjoy the Chilean Pacific Ocean.


The yacht's name "Vegvisir" is derived from a figurehead used by Viking navigators on their ship bows. Vegvísir guides the sailors way through rough to a safe harbor.

Vegvísir offers unforgettable adventures. Our Robinson Crusoe expedition runs from November to March. We also offer sailing courses, private charters and day trips along the Zapallar and Cachagua coastal region.

Sailing Courses

We are a company with ample experience in local and international sailing. We have been accredited as a Chilean Nautical Entity since 1996 which permits us to teach courses that will allow you to sailing along the entire coast of Chile, southern Chilean lakes and the world.

Navigation Courses: Chilean Armed License

· Bay pattern
· Coastal Captain

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